Commercial Department

Foreign procurement department has been organized in 1999 and is ready to offer services in structural and constructional fields tothe clients.

  • Steel Structural Sector

This section of RSCO commercial department is in charge of providing the needed raw material of the steel structure manufacturers in a wide range of products namely Co2 welding wire, submerged arc welding wire, welding powder, grinding disks, cutting disks, wire rod, nut, drill bits, industrial gloves, welding torch ,etc.

In this sector, manufacturers are selected after continuous and precise research based on client demands throughout Chinese, Turkish and European companies. The nominated company samples are being tested technically and the best manufacturer would be chosen after economical and quality evaluations.

All the imported items are inspected at the port of origin with the aid of international inspection companies and the quality certificate is issued for each and every item.

  • Constructional Sector

Aside from steel structure requirement, RSCO commercial department is also capable of constructional material supply to a great extent.

The constructional material being imported through this sector include faucets, cabinets, windows profile, doors, porcelain, elevators, sanitary sets and also constructional machineries such as PENTAX, LOWARA pumps and all related spare parts, LOVOL, STAMFORD motor generators, electromotor and more.

During the years of continuous and well organized activities RSCO has become the sole regional affiliate of REATECH Industries Ltd., a leading supplier of quality welding consumables. That is not only RSCO procures the necessary consumables from REATECH in abundance in a regular basis, it is also fully capable of supplying fellow steel structure manufacturing companies in the region with such prerequisites.

Apart from production line raw material, industrial machinery procurement is also listed in the activities of this section.