Constructional Department

Constructional department of RSCO, with 1st grade of building society of Iran, has been established in order to homogenize the services offered to clients.

This option speeds up the executive process and decrease customer costs.

Constructional department is honored to offer mechanical and electrical installation services under experienced specialist supervision.

Below is the list of constructional projects being carried out:

  1. Shahid Sayad Shirazi Residential towers ,phase 1, including 21 floors and 4 underground floors with an area of 29000 square meter
  2. Shahid Sayad Shirazi Residential towers ,phase 2, including 21 floors and 4 underground floors with an area of 29000 square meter
  3. Chitgar commercial complex including 7 floors of stores, restaurants and playground

Building facilities services include all mechanical and electrical requirements such as heating and cooling systems, HVAC installation, water supply system canalization, fire extinguishing, powerhouse general system ( chiller installation and setting, cooling towers, booster pumps, and other appurtenant), chimney and standard isolation system performance, mechanical systems, electrical wiring along with panel installation, powerhouse electrical system and setting up all the mentioned systems.