Quality Control

 RSCO has hired a complete quality control system in accordance with standard protocols in order to increase the quality of thefabricated structures to a high level. In this section each part is inspected through the production process as well as the end of the production line, and in case the part complies with the required standards it will be transferred to the next section.

Quality management standards consist of:


Quality management system is applied based on ISO9001-2008.

Raw Material inspection includes:

  1. Chemical composition analysis
  2. Visual Test
  3. Lamination Check
  4. Welding consumable inspection (electrode, welding wire, welding powder…)

Steel parts are inspected based on AWS D1.1 which includes:

  1. Visual test of the weld
  2. Liquid penetration test
  3. Magnetic particles test
  4. Ultrasonic test
  5. Pressure vessels inspection
  6. Piping inspection